Guided exercise

Pedagogy and Student Engagement

It is fascinating to learn how many digital learning applications that are available in education today (over 15 000), covering all sort of aspects, from creating, managing to experience and learning. You would think that there is no need for another solution. Some of our team members are not only experienced educators but they are also parents. The way education is experienced as parents drove us to believe that there is still some work to do in this field. In our early days as a company, we had many conversations with teachers before we even thought about building a product. There are many interesting learning applications that teachers were happy with, applications that engaged students and have the fun factor. A main question still remained unanswered for many teachers, and it is related to students’ understanding level. This was our starting point and this point alone took us where we are today.

Combining pedagogy and student engagement

We love technology and we are excited to explore how we can fully fledge it to help education. We are also very down to earth and understand that there are a number of pre-requisites to make technology work your way. For us, understanding the teacher – student interaction was key to build something meaningful for core education. With the teacher’s ability to explain and guide the student through an exercise, we are letting students discover how it works to solve an exercise, and which steps you need to take to get the answer. So far, the feedback we are hearing from teachers is that there is no digital learning solutions that effectively combines pedagogy and student engagement. Enlight Ed’s mission is to meet this need.

7 months later

We gained credibility within the Dutch teaching community when ELWIeR – the Dutch Expertise Center for Teacher Training Mathematics discovered and saw a potential in Enlight Ed. They were intrigued with how we were helping future generations of teachers at PABO (Dutch primary school teacher programme). The teachers in training are using our chat application to practice mathematics exercises and study methodology by creating their own exercises on our platform.

In collaboration with Hogeschool van AmsterdamEnlight Ed created over 300 rekenotets (arithmetic) exercises for students who are studying to become primary school teachers PABO, including vocational programmes such as MBO.

The students access these exercises in a chat format which gives them the ability to practice independently without getting stuck. Any wrong answer offers an opportunity for the student to learn something by getting guiding questions and hints.

The chat format gives a sense of human touch and quality of teaching when studying remotely. Students can practice arithmetics effectively to prepare for central exams.

MBO and PABO students have free access to these exercises during this period.

Please reach out to get a free account.