In May 2019, the founders of Enlight Ed joined Antler Amsterdam startup program to explore how an innovative solution can help Education. Three months later, in August 2019, Enlight Ed received pre-seed funding to build the first version of the intelligent tutoring system. This system is today used in universities and schools.

company updates

July 2020,

We acquired Hogeschool van Amsterdam as a customer and collaboration partner to help students who are trained to become primary school teachers, to understand the language of mathematics with our intelligent tutoring system.

March, 2020

Enlight Ed gained recognition from ELWIeR research group which consists of a community of teacher educators in mathematics.

November, 2019

After attending the yearly Antler Demo Day to showcase the uniqueness of Enlight ED, we were featured in the top startup magazine, Silicon Canals, and Enlight Ed became officially part of the Dutch startup scene