Preparing effectively for the WisCat

In collaboration with Inholland and Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Enlight Ed built a complete curriculum for Pabo students to practice math with automated step-by-step guidance. The exercises are ideal for blended learning, as the learning analytics help both students and teachers to focus their lessons.

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Complete curriculum for the WisCat

Over 1300 exercises in these chapters

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Co-developing with HvA & Inholland

Many future primary school teachers in our program find mathematics quite hard. To be able to teach it, they have to know it well. We test this with the national WisCat test in the first year, and offer several courses to prepare students. One thing that students have always struggled with is practice at home. Of course there are those that are unable to find the motivation to do so, but even when they do, they often get stuck with the problems and are not able to practice in a useful way. Enlight Ed has helped us overcome this obstacle by providing automated support for these students. They can now practice by themselves as much as they want, and come back to the lessons prepared with questions and ideas where a human teacher is necessary. (Loek Spitz, Chair of Mathematics Education at Hva Pabo)

The math exercises on Enlight Ed was used at Inholland Pabo and first piloted for students struggling to pass the WisCat test. High levels of engagement led to significant improvements within the scores and resulted in piloting the program over 4 locations at Inholland University of Applied Sciences for all first year students. The available data shows that students are enthusiastic and keep high level of engagement by gaining insights in their current level as well as their made improvements. Furthermore, teachers have the ability to track students’ participation as well as areas (mathematical problems) students struggle with. (Diana Gerritsen, Mathematics Teacher at Inholland Pabo)