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Create engaging exercises on our no-code digital platform to provide a one-on-one learning experience for your students with unique, adaptive, step-by-step guidance in a chat-like interface while receiving in-depth formative assessment data.

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Teacher Training

Enlight Ed serves as a comprehensive platform helping teachers in training develop vital skills and adapt to modern teaching demands.

It enables them to design exercises and gain insights into the learning processes of their students.

The use of learning analytics provides valuable data to enhance teaching strategies, preparing teachers-in-training effectively for their careers in education.

Course Support

With Enlight Ed’s no-code platform, you can create your own virtual assistant (chatbot) that transforms your exercises into interactive conversations.

Your students receive guidance through the chat interface on how to approach these problems in a systematic way. Hints and instructions for solving these problems are provided adaptively, and immediate feedback prevents misconceptions, boosting students’ confidence when they make correct decisions.

Your students can monitor their progress in real-time through generated reports, while you, as an educator, receive in-depth, actionable formative assessment data. This enables you to track your students’ progress and provide targeted support.

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