What if you could give each student individual guidance.. on every assignment… On EVERY problem?

Now what if you could do all of this and save time in the process?

Welcome to Enlight Ed!

We help you maximise your teaching potential.

How do we help you maximise your teaching potential?

Our intelligent tutor coaches students through their homework in real time so teachers can optimise their class time.

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Enable effective self-learning

Students receive automated guidance on every problem, mistakes are turned into learning opportunities to deepen their understanding of key concepts

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Create informed lesson plans

Teachers can follow their students’ learning process and understand which topics need more attention.

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Save time for what matters

Teachers save time by creating one problem flow rather than answering similar questions repeated.

In less than 30 minutes, we will enable you to create your first exercises that you can test with your students.

Help your students to develop skills critical for their studies

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Problem solving skills in applied sciences

How does building complex problem solving look like?

Try these example exercises.

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Calculation skills in teacher education

Refreshing and building math skills in Dutch primary school teacher education (PABO).

For international primary school teachers education.

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Reasoning skills in humanities

Discussing a vaguely defined term does not involve right or wrong answers.

Try this example and see if it activates a discussion.

We collaborate with faculties to improve the success rates of students​

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At HvA, we collaborate with the primary school teacher training (PABO) department to explore how the exercises on Enlight Ed can be used as part of blended learning and help first year students to effectively prepare for the national math exam (WisCat)


Enlight Ed collaborates with the Agri, Food & Life Sciences department at Inholland, to prepare their first year students to become lab analysts, by practicing chemical calculation on Enlight Ed.

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Didactics is a competence that teachers in training have to develop in their teacher education. At Fontys chemistry teacher training, students practiced didactics on Enlight Ed by creating chemistry exercises with questions and targeted feedback for each mistake.

Enlight Ed present at multiple events

What do students and teachers say about Enlight Ed

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Diana Gerritsen, Math teacher at Inholland

"I could see the potential of the platform and co-developed the test and reporting components with the team at Enlight Ed, to drive higher student engagement. I was very pleased with the collaboration, and this project was one of the reasons I was nominated as the teacher of the year in 2021."

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Ewald Edink, Chemistry Teacher at Inholland

"I had a good idea of adaptive learning which I usually deliver on excel sheets. With Enlight Ed's platform, I could scale and multiply my efforts to address different knowledge levels."

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Loek Spitz, Math Teacher at Hogeschool van Amsterdam

"Students usually struggle practising at home. Even with motivation they often get stuck with the problems and are not able to practice effectively. With Enlight Ed’s automated support, students can practice by themselves and come back to the lessons prepared with questions where a human teacher is necessary."

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"Very nice and clear help tool. The question asked at each step unlocks insight into your way of thinking/mistakes. The entry test clearly indicates where your growth opportunities are."

Student at Thomas More

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"The steps you have to go through help you discover how it works to solve the math problem. You are not given the right answers but the right questions to reach the solution."

Student at Fontys

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"I liked that if you didn't come up with the right answer, you can get hints or try it yourself. This makes you less likely to get stuck because you can get help as soon as you find it necessary."

Student at Inholland

Have Any Questions?


Our platform is for any teacher who wishes to explore the most effective methods of teaching. Most importantly, what it takes to engage students and how data can help with delivering effective learning. 

Teachers who are using our platform experience it as intuitive and user friendly without getting any training. To ensure high quality of exercises tailored to your course, we offer a 2 hour free workshop to co-create your first exercises with you.

The platform enables teachers to create a step by step practicing method of an exercise,  so students learn the concepts required to solve an exercise. Students find this very engaging as they get the possibility to discover how it works to solve an exercise. You can try an example through this  link.

The learning analytics tracks how students solve the exercises, and highlights the steps where they make errors. This gives teachers insight into how effective their method of creating their practice material. An effort is never wasted as existing material can be improved continuously with the insight you gain from the learning analytics.

The practicing material that teachers create on our platform can help them to validate the lessons they delivered. Teachers only need a handful of exercises to check if students are on the right track with their learning objectives.