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Math for primary school teacher students (Pabo)

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Explore how we can support you to create and deliver engaging digital instructions to your students.

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Math exercises for Wiscat


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Collaboration with HvA

Loek Spitz, the chair of mathematics education group for the primary school teacher training (pabo) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, shares his experience about Enlight Ed’s platform and what it means to practice maths on the platform.

Authoring Platform

Create your own instructions

Enlight Ed’s digital platform enables teachers to build chatbots, to deliver step-by-step tailored instructions and to explain concepts in STEM subjects. This way, the exercise solving becomes conversational and engaging.

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Co-Developing with Inholland

To build a unique innovation in education is less about technology and more about having the right engagement with teachers. The purpose of the right engagement is to let teachers drive and experience the process of innovation. 

An interesting observation we have made in our collaboration with Inholland is that the Enlight Ed platform was able to further improve and support a teaching method that differentiates and tailors instructions to meet student individual needs.

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We kick off your onboarding by creating the first exercises with you to get started and help you realise the potential of our platform.

User Feedback

High student engagement is key to learning and we are encouraging continuous user feedback from students and teachers to ensure high engagement.


The core to our platform is to support teaching methodology. We co-develop with you the critical features to teach your subject.

Data Science

You get exposure to the data science behind the learning analytics and insight into the effectiveness of your practice material. 


Our line of communication is short and we are ready to assist you with any issues you might experience, via live chat, email or telephone.


To assist you further to create practice material, we have user guide tutorial videos and other supporting documents.

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Our platform is for any teacher who wishes to explore the most effective methods of teaching. Most importantly, what it takes to engage students and how data can help with delivering effective learning. 

Teachers who are using our platform experience it as intuitive and user friendly without getting any training. The method of building exercises that our platform enables is unique and new. This might require change in the way teachers think about exercises and we address this by co-creating the first exercises with you.

The platform enables teachers to create a practicing method of an exercise with step by step guidance and personalised feedback,  so students learn the concepts required to solve an exercise. Students find this very engaging as they get the possibility to discover how it works to solve an exercise. You can try an example through this  link.

The learning analytics tracks how students solve the exercises, and highlights the steps where they make errors. This gives teachers insight into how helpful their practice materials are. An effort is never wasted as existing material can be improved continuously with the insight you gain from the learning analytics.

The practicing material that teachers create on our platform can help them to validate the lessons they delivered. Teachers only need a handful of exercises to check if students are on the right track with their learning objectives.