Turn exercise solving into a conversation

Enlight Ed’s no - code, digital, adaptive platform delivers a 1 - on -1 learning experience for students and actionable formative assessment data for educators


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What educators are saying about us

Dr. Ewald Edink, Lecturer in Chemistry, Inholland University of Applied Sciences 

“I had a good idea of adaptive learning which I usually deliver on excel sheets. With Enlight Ed’s platform, I could scale and multiply my efforts to address different knowledge levels.”


Diana Gerritsen, Teacher Trainer (PABO)Mathematics, Inholland University of Applied Sciences 

“I could see the potential of the platform and co-developed the test and reporting components with the team at Enlight Ed, to drive higher student engagement. I was very pleased with the collaboration, and this project was one of the reasons I was nominated as the teacher of the year in 2021.”

Dr. Loek Spitz, Chair of mathematics education group for the (PABO), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“Students usually struggle practicing at home. Even with motivation they often get stuck with the problems and are not able to practice effectively. With Enlight Ed’s automated support, students can practice by themselves and come back to the lessons prepared with questions where a human teacher is necessary.”

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Upcoming Events

ECTN Annual Meeting and General Assembly 2023
13-15 April 2023, Amsterdam

Enlight Ed is co-organizing a workshop with Ewald Edink about the success application of our adaptive platform at the Life Sciences & Chemistry department at Inholland University of Applied Sciences to support students in solving quantitative chemical problems.

The Global Community for Education Technology
29-31 March 2023, ExCeL London

Meet us at Bett, the biggest Education Technology exhibition in the world. Enlight Ed will be present at Stand: FS20

Past Events

Supporting students in solving quantitative chemical problems using and adaptive digital platform

Ewald Edink, Inholland University of Applied Sciences 

The path towards enlightment? Supporting students in (complex) problem-solving using Enlight Ed

Ewald Edink and Diana Gerritsen, Inholland University of Applied Sciences 

Adaptive online ondersteuning bij chemisch rekenen: Het pad naar verliching?

Ewald Edink (Inholland University of Applied Sciences) and Kinga Lőrincz (Enlight Ed)

Our solution


With Enlight Ed’s  no-code platform, you can build your own virtual assistant (chatbot) that turns your exercise into a conversation.
Your students receive guidance through the chat interface on how to approach a problem systematically. Hints and instructions on solving this problem are provided in an adaptive manner and the immediate feedback prevents misconceptions and increases the confidence of the students when a correct decision is made.



Your students can track their own progress in real-time generated reports, while you, as an educator, receive in depth, actionable formative assessment data, so you can track the progress of your students and give targeted support.


You can collaborate with your colleagues, share and co-create exercises and join our community of educators to discuss your challenges and share ideas. 


Teaching methodology

Enlight Ed’s platform is also a powerful tool in the STEM teacher training program. Teachers in training can expend their didactic skills and digital literacy level by creating their own exercises and testing them on pupils during internships at schools.