Course support with Enlight Ed

Enlight Ed’s no-code platform allows you to build a virtual assistant  that turns exercises into interactive conversations, guiding students, offering adaptive hints, providing immediate feedback, and enabling real-time progress monitoring and actionable formative assessment data.

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How it works



Scaffolding Approach

Mirroring the one-on-one support students often need, helping them tackle complex tasks effectively.

Personalized Learning

 Adapts to individual needs, delivering tailored hints, instructions, and feedback.

Immediate Feedback

 Prevents misconceptions and boosts confidence in making correct decisions.

Familiar Communication

 Engaging, chat-like interface that enhances the learning experience.


Scalable Support

Serves as a scalable solution, simulating one-on-one interactions with students.

Enhanced Engagement

 The platform’s interactive and adaptive nature enhances student engagement.

Student Struggles Identified

 Assists educators in pinpointing the areas where students face difficulties in problem-solving.

Efficient Feedback Loop

 Educators can analyze student progress, enabling them to provide targeted support.


Try an exercise

Try one of our engaging, freely accessible sample exercises – no account required. Experience personalized learning and  immediate feedback.


Versatile Learning Platform

Enlight Ed adapts to all STEM subjects and all languages.

No-Code Content Creation

Teachers easily create educational content without coding skills.

Formula Flexibility

Add formulas using an intuitive equation editor or LaTeX.

Multimedia Integration

Enhance learning with embedded images and videos.

Assessment Exercises

Design exercises that generate individualized values for each student to discourage copying.

Learning Analytics

Detailed analytics for data-driven instruction.

Engaging Chat Interface

Foster interactive learning with a chat-like interface.

Progress Tracking

Students monitor their journey through a user-friendly dashboard.

Effortless Student Signup

Streamlined student onboarding through shareable  signup links.

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