Enlight Ed for Teacher Training

Enlight Ed serves as a comprehensive platform, helping teachers in training develop vital skills and adapt to modern teaching demands.

How it works

Create Engaging Exercises

Enlight Ed enables teachers in training to create their own STEM exercises with guidance and feedback to learn to anticipate the mistakes and misconceptions of the students and determine appropriate feedback strategies.

Seamless Integration in the Classroom

Teachers in training can test their exercise in the classroom. Students can easily access these exercises by following a secure link shared by the teacher, without the requirement of creating an account.

Data-driven Evaluation and Feedback

By analyzing the learning data generated from the exercises, teachers in training can assess whether they accurately anticipated the mistakes and misconceptions of the students and evaluate the effectiveness of their feedback.

Try an exercise

Try one of our engaging, freely accessible sample exercises – no account required. Experience personalized learning and  immediate feedback.


Instructor portal

Easily monitor the progress of teachers in training.

Peer Feedback

Foster collaboration by allowing trainees to test and provide feedback on each other's exercises.

Learning Analytics

Detailed analytics for data-driven teaching strategies.

Versatile Learning Platform

Enlight Ed adapts to all STEM subjects and all languages.

No-Code Content Creation

Easily design engaging and effective learning materials without coding skills.

Formula Flexibility

Add formulas using an intuitive equation editor or LaTeX.

Multimedia Integration

Enhance learning with embedded images and videos.

Engaging Chat Interface

Foster interactive learning with a chat-like interface.

Effortless Student Signup

Streamlined student onboarding through shareable  signup links.

Discover Enlight Ed!

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